How long does it take to finish a stereo installation?

Average head unit install ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. However this time table could vary based on the number of customers we have that day. The more labor involved in your installation (ex. installation of stereo, speakers, and a subwoofer) will increase the period of waiting. We take the proper amount of time to ensure the quality of installation for our customers satisfaction. We have a lovely waiting room to wait in if you would like to stay through the duration of your installation.

What is the warranty on products, labor, and parts?

Labor: there is a ​lifetime warranty on all labor. Window Tinting: lifetime warranty on tint and materials used in the tinting process. Vehicle Wrap: our vehicle wraps come with a 7 year warranty. Car Alarms: there is a lifetime warranty on alarms, however the the clicking device has a 1 year warranty. All other products sold: come with a 30 day return to store warranty and a one year replacement warranty. If there is a malfunction or issue with any product sold beyond the one year warranty has expired we are unable to replace that item.

Does G.M. Electronics install speakers that I purchase from a 3rd party retailer?

Yes we can install speakers, stereos, and almost anything you give us. Installation fees vary.

Does G.M. Electronics install stereo systems and speakers to boats?

Yes, we do install speakers and audio systems into boats.

Do I pay after or before a job is completed?

Customers have the option of either paying before the job, after, or applying for our financing program. All these forms of payment are acceptable. We accept cash and all major credit cards.

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