GM Electronics provids the best Car Electronics experience in Concord, Contra Costa County, and the Bay Area

GM Electronics located in Concord, California is growing into one of the most powerful and recognized brand names in the car stereo industry in the Bay Area. We are building franchises across the Bay Area. We have worked with some of the largest brands in the world and are becoming a household name throughout the Bay Area. We plan to continue dominating the custom car stereo world and expand our reach with amazing rides and concepts.


Car Stereo, Car Speaker and Installation

GM Electronics offers a variety of top of the line car stereos, navigational systems, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. We'll help you pick the right unit for your car and your budget. So you can finally play the music you want, have full screen GPS capabilities, HD Radio, and hands free calling that will bring the most enjoyable car experience to you. GM Electronics guarantee that we'll meet or beat any price. You'll look forward to driving your car again!

GM Electronics can also install any car stereo or speaker unit you bring to our shop within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Car Alarms

GM Electronics provides a full selection of car security systems to choose from. You have the power to customize your own remotes to lock and open doors, push to start engine control, trunk opening features, GPS parking locator, AC and Heating control outside of the car, and ofcoarse the theft preventing alarm. All features simply are activated with a push of a button. We offer one-way, two-way remotes, and even an app for your smart phone to control your car. We'll help keep your car safe in any neighborhood.

Window Tinting and Vehicle Wrap

We offer full service window tinting for every vehicle. We pay special attention to detail in our window tinting process to ensure your cars window tint look factory made and is durable. Our window tint comes with a lifetime warranty on all tint and material. You'll have nothing to loose. Plus, not only does window tinting add to your cars outward aesthetics but it will also save you money. Click " see more" to see "5 Reasons Why Window Tinting" will save you money!

We also offer full car body wraps. Advertise your company or stylize your car to any color you'd like.

Tires, Rims and Repair

GM Electronics offers wholesale prices to the public! With over hundreds of tires in our stock to choose from we'll help you find the exact tires to meet your budget and car specifications. Choose from our tire varieties: All- season, all- terrain, winter, summer, performance, SUV, Truck, low profile, mud, and off road tires. All our tires include free mounting, balancing, tire rotation, flat repair, tire disposal, valve stems and re-balancing.

GM Electronics also carries a wide selection of top of the line rims. Come by and see what we have or you can browse through one of our catalogs and pick any rim you'd like. We also repair cracked rims too.

Marine Audio

GM Electronics provides full marine audio services. Choose from a variety of stereos and speakers for your boat. A marine stereo is a unit that can be used on board a boat or other marine-type vehicles. Typically our stereos are waterproof and are sealed from elements much better than a typical automobile stereo unit. The marine stereo will withstand direct contact with water and sun much better than non-marine units.


Back Up Camera, Back Up Assistance and Sensors

Park perfect from now on. GM Electronics back up cameras and sensors provide safety, accuracy, and fewer blind spots for every parking experience. No longer will you have to turn your head around, or will anything unexpected startle you from behind again. Be in full control of your vehicle with our backup cameras and sensors. Once you have them you'll never go back. We also can install any Back Up Assistance you bring us.

HID Lights and Headlight Restoration

HID headlights produce a brighter, more natural light than halogen headlights.​ HID headlights last up to three times as long as halogen bulbs. This means less maintenance for vehicle owners and less waste produced. Because HID headlights are often associated with luxury cars, installing them in your vehicle can be an aesthetic upgrade. Because of their benefits over halogen headlights, HID headlights are considered the future of automotive lighting by many experts.

Heated Seat

Heated seats can now be added to any vehicle and are not as expensive as you'd think. Besides the comfort and warm benefits of heated seats they also have health benefits to some degree for those who have aching bones, muscles, or joints. Heated seats can be placed in canvas seats and leather seats. Perfect for the winter months and relaxation.


Battery maintenance is critical to the normal operation of any vehicle. It's important to keep checking and regularly maintaining a good battery along with its connections. If your battery has connection issues, charging/discharging problems, a bad alternator or corrosion its time for a new battery. GM Electronics has the best battery brands in every size to match your vehicle.

Car Accessories

Whatever parts you need for any car electrical need we'll have. GM Electronics carries a wide variety of parts to choose from: wires, cables, terminals, fuses, audio connectors and adapters. Stop by today to get everything for your car!

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